Help...Brake Lamps, Hazards & Turn Signals out on '01' Sport Trac 4X4 on 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Lamps Out...'01' sport trac...every thing wz working fine until 3 or 4 days ago. Now, Suddenly, No Stop Lights, Hazards or Turn Signals!
I think I have checked every thing I can. Bulbs...O.K. All fuses...O.K..
Hardly NO Info. in the "owners manual".
2 local parts stores treated me like a D.A. for even walking in to ask a question & for help.
This has trailer package...But NO Trailer "pig-tail"; so I have not checked out that part.
I know the signals, brake lamps, and hazards "are all the same thing" {at least they used to be}. Is there any one with info on this sudden loss of Lamps?
Running lamps, interior, & dash lamps all seem to be working fine.
Is this from one of those "relays" burning out? Is this something the A.H. at Auto Zone could of easily checked; if he wznt' going on his ciggi break?
Please help if possible...patty.

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IF it's not a fuse, then it almost has got to be the multifunction switch. Tell ya what, recheck the fuses, ALL the fuses, with a test light. Ground the test light lead then touch each side of each fuse, light should come on each time! You may need to buy the test light but it is handy to have for auto. voltage testing. YOU can do this! Fuse problems have fooled even crusty old mechanics like myself!! So double check if needed! Look in the back of the manual, find fuses, look for the stoplight fuse or signal fuse. Pi.. on A-Z, they don't know sh.. anyway!
Hi, Got everything back to normal! {and It Is Not "the new normal!"}. I had used the Hazards...And even though the problem did not show up at that moment...I tried the "move the tilt column and depress the hazards several times" and every thing started working perfect! Thanks so much for All The Responses! patty.
It must still be a multifunction switch problem as the hazard lighrs are part of this switch. Just try not to use them or replace the switch.