help with brakes on 1989 camero RS 2.8L 6cyl on 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

recently bought a 1989 camero RS that had been sitting for a year or so. Had quite the time getting it running but with some help from u guys I finally did yeeeeeey :-)thank u for the advise it was very helpful and it runs very well now. but now I have moved to the brakes. Calipers were locked up on rotors and caliper pistons locked up as well. Got them off and got new calipers and pads for front, rear drum brakes seem to work ok. blead the rears fine but cant get any bleed out of either front brake about to check lines after it stops raining other than that what else could cause this problem? if the rear work booster should be ok right? don't know to much about brakes lol any ideas will help thanks.

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Most likely cause, the front brake lines have a leak. Fill the reservoir all the way, and have someone pump the brakes. Look and listen for the break in the line.
I don't see or hear a leak brakes will barley even pump like they r blocked or not getting through somewhere I took line off the caliper and tried to pump them and pedal still wouldn't even pump
Then, you will probably need to remove the brake line for the front brakes from the master cylinder itself and see if fluid comes out when you pump them. It is possible the cylinder has failed and won't open to the front brakes. If fluid pumps out, the brake lines are indeed plugged up with debris.
ok cool thank u I will do that I appreciate ur help