HELP!! Time to give up on my Trusty Volvo? (gas leak) on 1993 Volvo 940

This volvo has lasted a long time--282,000 miles. Recent repairs include replacing a tyrod end ($300), brand new brakes--rotors and pads ($860). Now it looks like it has a gas leak (so says my mechanic). This would cost about $400-$800 to fix--depending if we can find a used fuel pump to use. The muffler is loud and rusty, and it is due for inspection in March and probably wouldn't pass because it's too loud. Is it time to throw in the towel on this great car?? Or should I make the repairs??? HELPPP

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I think you have to weigh how much the car means to you. I had always planned on restoring mine and getting a 2nd car as a primary car. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Silver 940 Turbo, and some expensive restoring is in progress, but I really need to get something else for everyday. I am lucky in that I can easily keep the Volvo stored, running, and insured. There was NO WAY I was considering NOT restoring this car. I have 225k+ miles. I am not well-off by the way, but the car is an heirloom to me, so I understand! Post an update sometime.