help please on 1991 Dodge Caravan

all the power in my van works it makes no sounds when i try to start it. no clicking or anything. it was driving fine. the shocks were going bad but i dont think that has to do with it, if its the starter what do i do?

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Sounds like a dead battery as a battery with one bad cell will still power some items but won't have the amps to engage the starter, Have the battery tested at your local auto parts store
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you might try replacing lock tumbler on ignition. I just had a similar problem w/89 ford 1.8L. I replaced the key switch and then replaced lock tumbler only to find out I didn't need to replace the key switch. sometimes a person can learn from experience too, even bad ones. I also had full power to everything but nothing when I turned the key. Once I replaced the lock tumbler(which keeps the key in the "on" position) then It started right up, w/full battery, and all lights and instrument panel worked as well. It's a cheap and easy do it yourself fix.