HELP!!! My check engine light, VSC and trac lights all came on. on 2005 Toyota 4Runner

HELP!!! My check engine light, VSC and trac lights all came on. The car runs fine when it is moving, but when idle at a stop light it shakes like crazy. I took it to the dealer and they are telling me that these codes mean that my timing chain (which my engine has 3) skipped a tooth and needs to be replaced, but to replace it the entire engine needs to be taken apart. BIG $$$$$ to fix. I have been reading posts that state to check the gas cap, oxygen senor and the EVAP value. Has any had a timing chain go?

by in Kent City, MI on October 04, 2011
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ANSWER by on October 04, 2011
there are over 1500 possible codes. you choose not to believe the dealer so I suggest going to another shop for an opinion. each cars problems are unique in there own way. looking on the internet will not fix your car, a qualified tech and a good shop will. get more opinions from shops before you decide. if it is the chains, then yes, it is a big buck job. the chains fail from bad or worn out tensioners. Roy
ANSWER by on February 12, 2012
how did you fix your problem? I have the same problem with my: Lexus RX300 1999-2003 P0021, P0300, P0304 Hope you did not spend lots of money on it and find good solution.

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