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1990 Acura Legend Question: Help! Ignition coil bad?



, 2.7L V6, Rocklin, CA, October 07, 2011, 20:05

I have a 90 Acura Legend L (automatic). I was driving to a new job (uphill) and all the sudden the engine light came on and the car started dieing when I pushed on the gas. I was able to drive it back home. When I got it home I tried starting it up and it would act like it didnt want to turn over. Once it did, it would idle rough and try and die. When I push on the gas to go, it dies.

I checked the self-test and it flashed once. I changed the front O2 sensor and then check it again, it flashed twice. I changed the rear O2 sensor. I also changed the spark plug and wires along with the fuel filter and still same results.

I was told possibly my distributor so I changed that today. Now since I changed it, it wont start at all. It act like it wants to but wont turn over where before it at least did that.

I checked the spark on the spark plugs and it sparks but not at a normal spark; very low, dull spark.

Could I have done something wrong when putting it in or do you think the ignition coil is now bad?

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