Help! How do you tell if I have Daytime Running Lights (DRL)? on 1996 Mercury Sable

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Headlights wont turn off and on the dash it shows high beams when the swith for lights are off but turn the switch on the indicater turns off. I had to disconnect the battery for the headlights to turn off. The Ford Dealership said the car did have DRL. However, I remember seeing them on during the day. I think the car does have DRL, they are just not working right now! Thank you,
John Morgan, USMC
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Thank you...I visited three Ford.Mercury dealerships and they all say that my Sable does not have DRL, therefore there is not a DRL module for my vehicle. As I explained to the dealers, my owners's manual states the car has it. There is a dedicated fuse 15-Amp) in the distribution box under the hood. I removed the fuse, and the light went out. By removing the fuse, it only effected the highbeam indicator light; That's no big deal, I can tell when the highbeams are on anyway! After I complained, one dealership is now saying that I may have automatic lights that shine at a reduced rate when the car is moving through dark areas, like tunnels. The other dealerships disagree with that statement. Again, thank you for your time. John Morgan, USMC