help help need to change spark plugs on 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

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I have a plug that is misfiring, # 8 plug , the car is a 02 olds. aurora 4.0 v8. it has 95000 miles so i figure to change plugs, i cant access the back coil do to tight space agianst fire wall, i have pulled the manifold and injector assembly but there us a object above the back header that is in the way of removing coil pack , how should i approach this thanks
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The object in the way is most likely the AIR system Shut of valve. It must be removed in order to remove the coil assembly. There is a tube that connects the valve to the rear exhaust manifold. Removing the two nuts that attach the tube to the exhaust manifold should allow removal of the valve and tube. There is not much room but it can be cone. Some GM designs allow you to rotate the engine forward using special tools - your 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora may be one of them but I ma not sure.