HELP! HELP!! I still can't get this truck to start.... on 1991 GMC 1500 Pickup

new fuel pump, new fuel filter, new rebuilt throttle body, new control module in the distributor, new fuel injuetors, new fuel relay....injections do not work......what am I I missing???

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I hate to resort to replacing parts without testing them to now they are defective. It becomes inefficient and expensive. You have replaced so many of the fuel system components but it requires the computer to see power at the computer, and inputs from the ignition switch and the computer needs to see that the engine is cranking or running to power or trigger the fuel injectors. You need a wiring diagram and a Volt/Ohm/Ampmeter to do testing at the computer to see that the computer is seeing power ,ground, inputs, processes this information, makes decisions and controls out puts.
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my truck is a bit newer,but same problems,replaced lots of sensors,pump,etc..try oil/fuel pressure sensor/switch..crankshaft position sensor
it has a crank sensor problem, it is behind the crank pulley.
check your fues links on the fire wall a fues link may be bad and not allowing a sig to the ecm .also check the ecm ground and the engine ground these are the life line to the ecm. also was the ecm burnt to your car if not that is your problem .
did you put gas in it