HELP! Front heat/AC blower motor replacement on 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have looked through all Caravan, Grand Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country.

From what I find there are some who claim a hard to reach screw toward the back of the housing cover. I read one that claimed not to find that screw, pulled and it broke the housing. Right now I don't feel like I care if I crack it.

I have also read that the screw in the back can be taken out with out the recommended dash removal...if you are careful.

My question, how do you get that rear screw without removing the dash. Maybe an email addy for further answers...



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Hi Ike,
Sorry we weren't able to help you out with this. How did you end up removing that bolt?
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I just walked in the house from working on this same problem and yes I did not find the screw however I knew something was still attached so i tried to get back in and find this screw however All I did was get even madder about not having any ac so when I pulled all of the carpet back and thought it would give a little more room I pulled and broke a tab off to a back screw that you can not get to. I have ordered a blower however there is a part on the bottom of the housing with wires going to it and it looks like it closes off a vent are something, what is this part called and what is it for and do you have to put the housing back on?