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2008 GMC Acadia Question: HELP .. engine stopped

My Acadia 2008 stopped suddenly ,, battery Ok ,, but the engine cannot turn on again I brought many technical guys but no point ,, still when I turn the key on only For your info. The oil is expired ( remaining 100% ) , What is the reason you think , I can not give to any workshop I let he try & try till destroyed my car ,, If the oil expired may the engine stopped automatically ? Thanks for your help Saqer L999220@hotmail.com -
Answer 1
Having the engine oil life of your 2008 GMC Acadia expire should not cause the engine to stop and not restart. It sounds like you need the help of a quality repair shop. Please use the following link to find one near you - http://repairpal.com/directory?address=11411&car_brand_names=GMC. -
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thnx 4 ur advise -
Answer 2
I had a similar problem .. turned out to be water getting into a fuse box under the dash ... only happened in rain. It took a long time to find the problem but once identified, it was repaired -
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