2006 Lexus IS250 Q&A

2006 Lexus IS250 Question: Hello, I have a lexus IS 220D (diesel) I have a code error P0069 MAP sensor

I would like to know where is located this sensor. -
Answer 1
all data shows no poo69 code for that car.but remember the code only tells you there is a circuit issue not repl part. this may be covered under your 8 yr 80k mile emission warranty -
Comment 1
DTC P0069 MAP Sensor Too High or Too Low http://bahamutcars.free.fr/workshop/IS_05-12/rm0153e/repair2/html/frame_rm000001igq005x.html i still have no clue where sensor is located , is out of warranty -
Comment 2
call dealer with your vin# and see -
Comment 3
i found the sensor is just behind the EGR Valve, http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/p_E_2006_LEXUS_IS250~350~2xxD_ALE20L-AEFLYW_8405_1708.html Denso part no 89421‑20200 -