Hello,have a watery yellow puddle under car in backend of vehicle. on 2003 Honda Accord

The car is up to date on all maintenance issues, and have never fond any leaks. The fluids seem to be at a good level. The car is an automatic transmission.

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Frank Zappa once said in a song, "watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow".....Do you or the neighbors have dogs??
No dogs, car was in the garage all winter, and we have no dogs nor cats. Good thought though, it looked like a very yellow watery liquid on the floor with no smell.
Sorry, that tune just came to mind when i read your post....I think #2 might have something there...leaking bottle of mt-dew or mello-yellow?? Maybe something spilled on floor and not actually from car....?
no mountain dew or mellow yellow, although that's what it looked like. I was thinking maybe pollen in water, but it never would have been that yellow. color was bright yellow with not smell and very watery. All fluids in car seem to be topped, hmmm, well guess it's of no importance. Thanks for all your help!
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Anything in the trunk that could have leaked? Maybe pull spare tire up and check inside for clues. It doesn't smell like gas , does it?
Nothing in trunk at all. But spare tire, haven't looked, so will have a look. Thanks for your help! Gues it's a mystery and I will just ignore this situation and hope that all is okay with the car. I am very Obsessive about my car and keep it in good shape always. It's my transportation and want to be sure I am not stranded. Thanks again!!!