Hello....changing my alternator- looked easy...noticing 2 belts ahead on 1993 Toyota T100

queation is...gosh do i need to remove all things attached , like fan etc??....truck is 2 wheel drive, standard transmission, 3.0 ... help please...

by in Arroyo Grande, CA on September 14, 2013
2 answers
ANSWER by on September 14, 2013
If in doubt at all, do not attemp this! Can do more damage than good! You must know a car savvy buddy that can help you out. Check youtube for video on how to do this and see if you are up to it.
ANSWER by on September 14, 2013
Disconnect battery. Loosen alt mounting bolts enough to take belt off alt. pulley. Remove electrical connectors from alt. finish removing alt mounting/ adjuster bolts and remove alt...........installation is reverse of removal.

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