2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: Hello, What is the amperage draw front headlight low beam Also the marker light?

Answer 1
Depends on the bulb standard Syvania headlight bulbs for that truck takes about 3.9-4.3 Amps each so 7.8-8.6. The other bulbs take about 0.6 amps each bulb on low like tail lights and parking lights and about 2 amps each bulb when bright like blinker and brake lights -
Answer 2
Just curious, why do you ask?.... Problem with your vehicle?? -
Comment 1
Because Im having a problem with the driver side head light,low beam. When I turn my head light low beam on It doesn't light up and lamp out lights up on on dash. I used test light on passenger headlight and test light lights up and blinks. When I place test light on drivers side head light Wires the test light lights up. No blinking. So I splice marker light wire and connected Driver's side headlight. Now both headlamps are working. How long can I leave the headlight connected to marker lights wire Circuit without damaging anything else on vehicle and can this bypass wiring cause a fire to vehicle. -
Comment 2
Take that test light and test ALL fuses to start with!........ THATS ALL FUSES!..... With key AND headlights on... Low beam selected!!!! -