Hello, I'm having OBD-1 trouble codes 172, 136, and 332. on 1994 Ford Explorer

I'm having trouble getting power when I accelerate. The truck seems to have no pick up when I go to speed up. I have already replaced the EGR valve and EGR vacuum solenoid. Can anyone help me what to do next?
Thanks, Manny88

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Did the codes change after you replaced these items?

Have you checked the EGR with a vacuum pump? Did clean the MAF? 136 and 172 and lean conditions that tell me to check all vacuum lines. With the engine running, gently spray the vacuum lines with a van of brake cleaner and if the engine wakes up then you have a vacuum leak.
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Hi -

just curious if you ever resolved your issue. I too have a 94 explorer doing what sounds like the same things.
Hello markratto,
What I did find out also was that my mass airflow sensor was no good. So I replaced it, then took my 94 ford explorer to a good mechanic that I've known over 20 years, and had him erase all the codes with a OBD 1 testing machine. After that, it was a sweet adjustment on the performance. Remember, take your vehicle to a mechanic who
you've known for a awhile and depend on his honest good work!
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