Hello I was wondering what my broblem is my check coolant light comes on only on on 2003 Volkswagen Passat

cold days and i checked my coolant level and it is a little low but i don't think that i need coolant. i was reading forums and people think it is the coolant temp. sensor. and if that is what it is can yoy tell me whare it is. if it's anything else could you also tell me please. Thank you

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poss coolant level senor is sticking or going bad
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it would not be a temp sensor it would be a level sensor . it is in the bottle where you put in coolant . simply put in some coolant and give the bottle a couple of whacks to free up sensor this will save you money and time
My Audi takes a VERY SPECIAL coolant that you cannot mix with other coolants! Be super careful. This is known as G12. You cannot get this coolant at Wal-Mart. It is usually a special order from other autoparts stores.

If your coolant is just a little low, try adding just distilled water.

Caution, though if your car does take the G12 or variant and your coolant is green in color, have it flushed and changed ASAP.