Hello , I have an accord 2003 problem, it's auto gears shift hard periodically on 2003 Honda Accord

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Could the problem be my transmission solenoids.. Because it works fine but when the engine heats up, problem manifests again.its happens at least once a week Answers please..tank u
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scan for codes is the 1st approach
Just so the reply can be more accurate , has the 'D' light ever been flashing & is/was the check engine light on? When was the last A/T fluid change done-(miles & time)? If done , Was HONDA ATF used? Last is the engine running-no roughness or hesitation? all important factors to proper trans operation. please reply for assistance.
Ziptie is correct. And if Honda ATF is not used it will have shifting issues.
Thank people.. To be frank, Honda ATF was not used but the problem actually started before I changed the transmission oil, and checked the solenoids, . Each time the check engine comes on, it's the oxygen kit sensor that has issues, the hard shifting problem started like two weeks ago.
I also noticed the said problem always comes up when I am stuck in traffic for about 15 minutes or more aside the fact that the D light has been normal. Tanks, looking forward to your assistance
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