Hello,, I have a problem with engine that it might reduce low and high noise. on 1993 Hyundai Elantra

When I start ignition, I feel the engine is shaking and low and high noise.. i don't know where is the problem. at the same time when I drive and try to slow down the car, I feel the engine wants to die, and yesterday, I found the exhaust produce white smoke.. I don't know exactly what is the problem in my car??
Please your help is appreciated

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White smoke in the exhaust may mean that the head gasket has gone bad and need replaced. Check to see if there is any oil in your coolant or coolant in your oil (especially the second one). If so, the head gasket will need replaced.
thanks so much for your answer, but please tell me , why the sound of engine is producing an intermittent sound like high and low sound and when I press gas pedal, the sound of car seems like the engine will explode.
The engine is not supposed to get coolant into the combustion chambers and is choking on in while burning it into the white smoke you see. "High and low noises" are from coolant getting in intermittantly during combustion.
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head gasket or head issue
thanks so much for your answer,and please tell me about the problem of engine sound, is the same because of gasket head?