Hello can anyone help me? Why is my AC wires under dash burning up? on 2002 Dodge Dakota

I've already replaced the connector, and this element looking thing that sticks inside the black box under the dash on passenger side of truck! Just the other day I started smelling a burning smell again, and I reached over, and the wires are burning again! I just got it fixed about 6 months ago, so I'm unable to use air conditioner once again! Also ever since I've had the truck it holds a massive amount of water under the carpet in the passenger side floorboard! I've dried it out several times, but keeps coming back! I wish I could afford to take it to a shop, but having a disabled daughter that requires alot of seizure medication, and frequent doctor appointments my financial situation doesn't give me that privalage! If anyone can offer some advice I would be greatly. Thankful! Thanks, and God Bless! DennisGA

by in Columbus, GA on July 15, 2012
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ANSWER by , July 19, 2012
You shouldn't have burning wires if the fuses for the circuits are correct.The fuses should blow BEFORE the fire.check and make sure noones by-passed any safety devices .