Heating/Airt Conditioning on 2007 Nissan Altima

erratically, during colder times (around fall season ~ 40 degrees or colder) when I turn on my heater the air conditioning compressor light comes on. We're not mistakenly hitting the air conditioning buton. It doesn't happen all of the time., just erratically. Any anyswer as to why this happens? Nissan Dealers state that it shoouldn't but can replicate the event when the cars in their service bays (undoubtedly heated).

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I checked and cant find any technical info from Nissan about this issue, so the best thing is to try and be able to duplicate the issue consistently then show the shop what is happening. Have them check for any diagnostic trouble codes and ask them to check their technical info from Nissan to see if there are any recorded instances of this occurring on other Altimas.
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having the same problem. the dealer recommended we replace the main electrical harness $450.00 labor $1650.00. this is after consulting with Nissan customer support.