Heating up on 2006 Honda Accord

My car is heating up, the water circuit is full but the heat indicator is indicating to more than half in less than five minuets of running the car; i'm suspecting the water pump

by in Aberdeen, MD on September 17, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on September 17, 2010
I would also check your thermostat and make sure that your cooling fans are working correctly. Try turning on your A/C system and see if the cooling fans come on instantly, if they don't there could be a problem. I would also use a good data streaming scan tool and check for codes and look at the live sensor data to see what isn't working correctly. here are some shops:
ANSWER by on September 27, 2010
Make sure that the fans are working ! Take it to your local mechanic and have them check the fans usually on hondas the relays give out due to fans!!
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