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1994 Chevrolet Cavalier Question: Heating problems

i have a 1994 cavalier and im not getting no heat Ive replaced the radiator,thermostat,heater core,Ive check for air pockets and the coolant levels...and its not over heating and the heater core is getting nice and hot plz help -
Answer 1
Your vehicle should have a temperature control cable that operates a flap that allows air to pass through, or bypass the heater core. Make sure the cable and flap are operating correctly. Is the engine getting up to operating temperature? -
Comment 1
i checked the flap and the engine is getting up to temperature it is all working correctly , the driver side blows out cold air and the passenger blows out luke warm air ... i was thinking that theirs a flap by the blower motor there's not one for the a/c but maybe for the heater?? -
Comment 2
I'm thinking that you are having a problem with the vacuum operated servos that control the other flaps. The controller, the servos or the hoses may have a leak. -
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