1990 Saab 900 Q&A

1990 Saab 900 Question: heating and cooling

heating problems, blowers are working but not heat just cold air in the winter and cold seasons -
Answer 1
keep your water level high if it smells like rotten eggs and your floors wet then your heater core it its like a 6 hour job for sombody that does them a lot -
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Poor cooling from the air conditioning may be caused be leaks from the AC cooling lines at the AC compressor. Inspection of the system is recommended to isolate any potential leak.
The air conditioning expansion valve can fail causing poor, or no cooling from the AC system.
The AC evaporator can leak causing poor cooling of the air conditioning. The loss of refrigerant may be hard to diagnose.
there is oil in the coolant reservoir and im buyiny this car for 500 and want to know should i even buy the car