Cadillac Escalade Problem Report

Cadillac Escalade Improper HVAC Temperature and/or Air Delivery Due to Failed Mode Door Actuator

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One or more heater & AC (HVAC) air delivery and/or temperature mode door actuator may fail. This can result in incorrect air delivery or temperature. If this occurs, fault code(s) stored in the HVAC control module should be available to assist with diagnoses.

intermitt loss of heat only on pass side. -
Drivers side ac blowing warm air -
hot air blows from the A/C heat works the back of the seats still cool however the bottom of the seat will not. -
HVAC door actuators have failed -
only blows cold air when heater is on. -
Cold air blows when heat is on and heat blows when cold air is on. Stops blowing from all dash vents and only blows from feet and defrost vents. Has been repaired 3 times. -
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