GMC Sierra 2500 HD Problem Report

GMC Sierra 2500 HD Improper HVAC Temperature and/or Air Delivery Due to Failed Mode Door Actuator

(72 reports)

One or more heater & AC (HVAC) temperature and/or air delivery mode door actuator may fail, resulting in improper temperature or air delivery. If this occurs, fault code(s) should be stored in the HVAC control module which should assist in diagnoses.

Air only comes out dash vents. Changing to floor or defrost switch position does not change air flow. -
With the A/C on, the drivers side turns to high heat at intermittent times. When the mileage was low, I'd find a pot hole or large lane marker and the little jolt would turn off the heat. Now we are at full stop, shut it off, remove the key and restart. I can hear a small "clicking" sound coming from the dash from time to time. While I love my GMC Duramax, I hate this problem. Any suggestions on a good repair manual that will cover the A/C systems and circuitry. -
Blows cold air on driver's side and hot air on passenger side. Should heat both sides. -
When A/C is turned on, occassionally blows hot air instead. Restart of the engine will usually solve the problem. -
I've got a problem I got hot air coming out the vents on the driver side,and cold air on the pass.side that includes when im running the air. -
passenger side blows out hot air when should be blowing cold air -
Bought used and wasn't told of the problem.....didn't need defrost until two days ago (2 months after purchasing)and it's stuck on floor and panel vents. Will not go to floor only, defrost only, or panel vent only. -
Poor airflow. Does not transition through upper vents when selected. -
Air won't blow out of the dash vents but the other modes work fine. Also occasionally blows hot air in A/C mode. Turning off the ignition and restarting corrects the heat issue. -
heater actuator will not switch to defrost or floor -
when heater is on it will throw heat for a while and then starts to throw cold air out the driver side vents. I haven't found the problem yet. Does any one have an idea what to fix? Gary in Springfield W.Va. -
Started truck with weak battery and while it did start, several 'beeps' and other electronic noises heard. Replaced battery, then radio would not work. Removed radio from dash and reset all connection plugs and checked fuses. Radio now worked. While driving, switched air flow control from floor to vent... no air. All air stuck to defrost. With engine off, unplug air flow control module, replug in... can hear actuator motor running. Seems to cycle to "an end", then return... motor runs a few seconds, then will not respond to any further commands unless unplugged and replugged. -
heat on one side and cold air on the other, -
Dual zone climate control module only get heat at the highest setting. when you set it to a lower setting by 1 degree it goes cold. I changed the module and one actuator. The other one on top is moving for the different direction of air flow. (is there only two?) Gus -
Second time it happened. First time 3 years ago dealer replaced the dual zone door actuator. This time it works intermittently so the actuator is still working but I can hear it repeated attempting to work. -
runing a/c it will turn to heat i have to pull over shut the truck off wait up to 10 min then start up an it resets what a pain -
Climate control system stopped NO A/C NO HEAT. -
Heater only blows hot when exceeding 60 MPH. Engine temp is 210 regardless of speed. -
When I turned the air on some time the heat come on an when I cut the truck off for or about 10 minutes the air come on y is that -
Dash vents defrost or heat..... -
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