GMC Yukon Denali Problem Report

GMC Yukon Denali Improper HVAC Temperature and/or Air Delivery Due to Failed Mode Door Actuator

(10 reports)

One or more heater & AC (HVAC) temperature and/or air delivery mode door actuator may fail, resulting in improper temperature or air delivery. If this occurs, fault code(s) should be stored in the HVAC control module which should assist in diagnoses.

only can get fresh air, due to actuator not working -
My heater cools when I want heat and my A/C heats when I want cooling. I have had the motor doors replaced once before at 77,000. It not is occurring again. -
hate this, a really annoying problem in a really expensive vehicle -
electrical problems- door locks, ac/heater, lights, all going out and replace.. reapeat -
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