GMC Sierra 1500 Problem Report

GMC Sierra 1500 Improper HVAC Temperature and/or Air Delivery Due to Failed Mode Door Actuator

(35 reports)

One or more heater & AC (HVAC) temperature and/or air delivery mode door actuator may fail, resulting in improper temperature or air delivery. If this occurs, fault code(s) should be stored in the HVAC control module which should assist in diagnoses.

A/C only cold on passenger side. Drivers side blows hot. There is no adjustment on the drivers side for temp. If you turn off the truck and then restart, it might work for a bit or not. -
This is a well documented problem as you can see by reading articles throughout various internet sites. For being the so called a "Professional Grade", I have had so many problems with my GMC, from the instrument cluster, steering column, bed liner, hubs, ABS, emissions, etc.... and now with the HVAC - I'd give my 2004 GMC Sierra a disappointing "F". GM needs to issue Campaign to correct this problems, since so many of their customers are experience problems due to their poor workmanship or inferior design. -
When selecting where i want my air to go, it only comes through the vent at my feet and through the defrost. The dash vents do not blow any air. It seems like a common problem. Im gonna go ahead and replace the mode actuator! -
Can't change heating/a/c temp unless I shut down truck and reset to desired temp and restart, then it goes to correct temp -
System won't deliver to air flow to the proper place, ie defrost,floor,or ac vents. -
system won't deliver to air flow to the proper place, ie defrost,floor,or ac vents. -
Heat vent operation will only blow on the floor and windshield defrost. Does not change position when the nob is turned. -
textbook problem like all others. Temp. adjuster knob when turned to cold would only blow hot all the time. Actuator is at fault. -
heat only at 90 deg. -
i have problems when i u the air or heater.i have to shut the car off for half hour before i can u the other -
After replacing batt. the air came out of the defrost only. Happened once before when I disconnected the neg. batt. cable. I gained access to the air direction valve, removed the motor, installed the motor on the actuator shaft and turned the motor by hand until the screw holes lined up and then installed the screws. All worked well until I had to replace the batt. I will do the same again. -
the air flow for both hot and cold only goes to the feet and the defrost -
Air will be blowing cold and then just start blowing hot. Switching the truck off and back on usually helps. -
A/C blows cool air, then suddely switched to hot on drivers side only. I have to shut off engine and restart to correct a/c. -
Driver's side temperature control actuator causes hot air to blow when AC is on. Have to shut off engine and restart to get cool air on driver's side. -
no defrost, cold air only on passenger side , hot through vents. -
My 3500 is doing the same thing -
Passenger side vents will continue to blow cold air out of them while the driver's side vents blow hot air -
When driving the driver side a/c vents starts blowing heat instead of cold air. If you turn off vehicle and start up goes back to normal. This is a intermittent issue for at least 5 years. -
The air is stuck on cold. If you turn the dial to hot to defrost the windshield the temp. will not change. -
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