Heating & Air Conditioning, Radio Code, Overheating Problems on 1998 Acura CL

Ok so my 98 Cl has treated me really well until recently when things started to go wrong. There's what looks like a fuse hanging below my glovebox and I unplugged it by accident...when i went to plug it back in i heard my heat blower go on full blast then turn off and now i have zero power to my a/c, heat, defroster screen etc. Idk if I blew a fuse or what...also my radio was bought as a replacement and I didn't a code with it, its the standard acura head unit but i don't know the new code is there anyway to get a code even if you have purchased it aftermarket from someone. Last car has been on and off about over heating but the last time i tried to drive it more than ten minutes away smoke started coming out from below my glovebox...i frequently check my coolant/antifreeze levels and everything is full. Any help would be great cause I'm broke and in college and would love to solve any of these problems on my own.

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The radio code needs to be determined by the serial code on the radio, and the code will need to be retrieved at the dealership.
The overheating problem is the most crucial, if you continue to drive the vehicle and it overheats, you can do serious damage to the engine, if it hasn't happened already. This needs to be looked at by an experienced mechanic, and without money this makes it tough. Try your network of friends and family and see if there is someone that can help, or try the local shops and see if you can make payments for work provided, or even try to work off your bill in some way.
Good Luck!