Heater/A/C lights goes off. on 1999 Honda Accord

My heater control light goes off when hot. Sometimes when the weather is cold, it comes back on, but usually stays off. someone told me that it a relay of some sorts. Could it be the heater switch? Please let me know so I can fix this problem, I live in Hawaii, very hot and humid..

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If it turns out you need any AC parts, shoot me an email at I work with and I am good friends of the ceo of a pretty big ac parts manufacturing company. I can get the stuff for the same price car manufacturers do and all that fun stuff. Shipping to Hawaii cant be cheap but I bet it'll be alot cheaper than anywhere else lol.

Hope I can help!
yeah all of the lights go on and off, when they go off, all of the heater function does not engage including the a/c. The blower stills blows but not cold..could this be a fuse? I was told that it was a relay board???
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Are you talking about the illumination lights for the panel?
Bob, this was two years ago. Did you ever get an answer? I have the same problem. JACKNANB 9/17/11