heater/AC blower fan stuck on high, FAN won't even turn off when push OFF button on 2004 Nissan Maxima

All other controls seem to work on climate control console. Fan is always on high. fan control button moves fan level light bars up and down appropriately, but fan only stays on high. Fan does not turn off when "off" button pressed though everything else goes off and I think air flap doors ??? close appropriately. Could this still be resistor?

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yep shorted to power. make sure the connector is not damages as well


this is a 2004 SE with auto climate control... local just told me it has a "module" and not a resistor. Could that be. and where do I find it ??? and what is difference between a resistor and a module ? Thanks again
Were you ever able to resolve this problem? My 04 Maxima is having the same problem.