heater won't get very hot.Gauge hardly comes off of bottom.Fluid is full. on 1993 Ford Escort

I've changed the temperature gauge pickup in the hose line. I've changed the thermostat recently.It never gets really hot in the car.If by the remotest chance I put the thermostate in backwords, how would it act? I'm a driveway mechanic but this one peaves me off.

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What engine?
The engine is a 1.9
Also had a 1.8. Go to NAPA and get a premium thermostat and install it make sure the rubber seal is in place!
Be sure engine and plastic recovery tank are at proper level of coolant!! The spring goes into the
engine block. Again be SURE it is FULL of coolant when finished!!!
That has all been done already. The gauge still hardly comes off of the bottom.And the car interior doesn't get to where you would have to turn anything down, (fan thermostat) for heat discomfort.
Well if you did everything as i suggested NAPA parts and all i don't know what else to tell you.
Stat is what controls engine heat, think maybe you got a defective one or it is installed wrong!