heater valve location on 1997 Ford F-150

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by in Albuquerque, NM on January 27, 2012
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ANSWER by on January 27, 2012
I don't think there is a traditional heater valve I think they modulate temperature using a control flap and actuator under the dash on the side of the heater box. There will be a control actuator to work, defrost, vents, floor and heater control. There is a company that independent auto repair shops get their information from, this same information is available inexpensively for people that work on their own cars.. The information is year make and model specific, covering repair procedures, torque specifications, fluid capacities and specifications, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... Alldata is very easy to navigate http://bit.ly/AllData_Repair_Manuals_Online
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