1999 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

1999 Chrysler Town & Country Question: heater still wont blow hot air!!!!!!

iv'e change thermostat water pump because it was over heating. but still no heat. -
Answer 1
Some things to look for, Open the radiator cap. Start the car, when the temp gauge come up do you have a full radiator? When you turn the heat on, does the blower work in all of the? positions. Or only on high? -
Answer 2
low coolant level, blend door issue, clogged heater core or blown head gasket from overheating are common issues of no heat. Roy -
Answer 3
One more thing to add, I just had a Town and Country would not put out heat, cabin air filter was clogged up solid. Look on youtube found a great video on its replacement. -