Heater not working on 2001 Ford Taurus

We have already had a mechanic check out everything from the heater core to the radiator and hoses and the heater should work but doesn't. Air from outside works cool and A/C works ok but no heat. What is the problem and how much will it cost. Mechanics said it would be around $700 and a 2 day job to take apart the dash.

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there is an electric blend door motor that controls the ehat and is a common failure. it is easy to replace and may take care if it.

motor 79
labor 1.2 hours
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number 1 thing is make sure heater core hoses are connected if not connected then this means that the heater core might be leaking and yes it is expensive!
Actually you were most correct with this one. We took it to our Ford Dealership and they flushed out the Heater Core and it started to work again. About a week after we had that fixed, our engine blew the gaskets caused by someone not re-connecting the hose from the radiator to the back of the engine and tightening it properly. Could that have happened when the heater core was being done? Ford service says they didn't do anything to that part of the engine but it seems funny that the radiator didn't have any problems leaking and all of a sudden the engine overheats 5 days later with a dry radiator? We had to purchase a used car just to have something to drive from that one and had to have ours towed as it left us stranded. Ford told us the engine would cost $3500 to fix and we already had put about $3,000 into the car over the past year. Thank you for your post.