1998 Lincoln Town Car Q&A

1998 Lincoln Town Car Question: heater not blowing hot air

heater not blowing hot air changed air blend acuator what else can i look for -
Answer 1
check the heater hoses going into the firewall,if one is cooler then the other then you will need to backflush the heater core -
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I had to remove all fuses that control the AC and heater to stop the hot air from blowing through all the vents in my car.
inside heat/cooling blows very hot air only. compressor is coming on,doesn't seem to be a problem. I do hear some sort of doors opening and closing.
blows hot air all the time regardless of where the temp is set. there is no codes available. i'm i on the right track?
Heater core inlet & outlet hoses are same temp, hot. So core should not be stopped up, right? I can hear a clicking sound under the dash. As the blower blows cool air I asume the control doors are...
When I pinch off the hot water heater hose the A/C blows cold but air flow from vents is weak.Do I have to pull the dash if this is a heater control valve or blend door problem? Thanks