heater not blowing air on 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser, 4cyl , Automatic 90000 miles... Blower works good when car is cold, engine warms up and blower sounds like it's running normal, but virtually no air comes out from the vents. On all settings and speeds, even a/c. Have heard it may be a vacuum door issue, but there is no vacuum on this model; so may be a kinked cable. Any help? mark@truhearing.com

by in Sandy, UT on December 29, 2010
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ANSWER by on January 04, 2011
Both Temperature and Mode Control doors are Cable operated. It is possible that the cable has come off or broken. The heater outlet air temperature is should be at minimum specification 140 degrees @ 60 degree outside temp. 130 degrees @ 30 degrees outside temp. Both of the heater hoses should be hot to the touch. The coolant return heater hose should be slightly cooler than the coolant supply heater hose. If the return hose is much cooler than the supply hose, locate and repair the coolant flow obstruction or mechanical problem. OBSTRUCTED COOLANT FLOW Possible locations or causes of obstructed coolant flow are as follows: Inoperative water pump Inoperative engine thermostat (stuck or sticking closed) Pinched or kinked heater hoses Improper heater hose routing Plugged heater hoses or supply and return ports at the cooling system connections Plugged heater core or heater core tubes If proper coolant flow through the engine cooling system and heater core is verified, and heater outlet air temperature is low, a mechanical problem may exist. MECHANICAL PROBLEMS Possible causes of insufficient heat due to mechanical problems are as follows: Low coolant level (coolant leak or loose or missing pressure cap) Obstructed cowl air intake Obstructed heater system outlets Inoperative engine thermostat (stuck or sticking open) Inoperative blower motor system Inoperative A/C-heater control Inoperative temperature control cable Inoperative, obstructed or improperly installed blend-air door TEMPERATURE CONTROL If the heater outlet air temperature cannot be adjusted with the temperature control on the A/C-heater control, the following could require service: Inoperative A/C-heater control Inoperative temperature control cable Inoperative, obstructed or improperly installed blend-air door Improper engine coolant temperature
COMMENT by on January 04, 2011
thanks, this seems like it may be helpful. the guy at the dealership just scratches his head..so this may give him some clue.
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