heater motor and resistor on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

If I use an online manual is it easy enough to change out the heater motor and resistor myself?

by in Boise, ID on November 13, 2012
3 answers
ANSWER by on November 13, 2012
it should only take a couple of hours to change both
ANSWER by on November 14, 2012
yes u can do it.
ANSWER by on June 02, 2013
the blower motor in most cases are located on the fire wall on the passangers side of the car. there may be 6-10 mounting screws. Disconnect the negetive cable to your battery first. Then un plug the power wire and hose. Then undo the screws. Put the new one in place. Make sure it does in exactley the way the old one was mounted. reverse steps
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