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1994 Ford Aerostar Question: heater hose leak

i have a pin hole in my heater hose.The hose splits off three ways one go's to the intake manifold and one go's to the heatercore and one runs to a metal pipe that runs across the front of the motor and down and to the back of the motor and snap on to a nother pipe.but my leak is in the one that runs to the intake manifold. -
Answer 1
You can try to split the hose and buy clamps or just buy the octopus hoses again. You have to admit, they lasted a long time. -
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replaced part about 2 years ago dont know the name of the part to ask auto parts dealer. its black it has a small drum like dohiky lol. sorry im a girl i work on my car but dont know all the names...
theheater will not heat up I have changed the thermostat and flushed the radiator but still won't put out any heat the heater core is not leaking.
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