Heater goes from very very cold to very very hot on 2007 Nissan Murano

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I've got a 07 Murano SL and since a couple week i've got this annoying issue where by switching from 18 to 19 degrees (celsius) the temperature is either very very cold or very very hot. In other terms, it is impossible to get warm air as of right now. I'm pretty sure it's only a calibration issue or something like that. Please help
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I'm suspicious of a control system failure. You could get a diagnosis and estimate from a Nissan specialist. I can't tell you much without inspecting the car myself, the system is complex and not easy to diagnose from the information you've given me.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
I can't believe there is nothing to do by myself....there must be codes to get into the system settings???