Heater Fan stays on on 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

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The heater fan stays running when we shut the car off.
The only way we can get it off is to unhook the battery.
(1) Answer
Check and make sure you "REST" system is not on. The REST system is activated by a switch in the Heater-A/C Controls when the ignition is turned “OFF”. This system circulates residual heat from the engine to the Heater Core. The coolant is recirculated by an auxiliary coolant pump mounted below the right front headlamp. The temperature is automatically adjusted according to the temperature setting in the Heater-A/C Controls. The REST system will automatically be shut off when:
The Ignition Key is Turned “ON”
After Approximately 30 Minutes of Operation
If Battery Voltage Falls Below 11.5 Volts

If it is not the REST system, you may have a failed Blower motor resistor or HVAC Control Module.