Heater fan is not working at all for the front. What could be the issue? on 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

I have changed out the Blower Resister on the firewall and checked the fan & it runs when connected to 12 volts. I have changed out the plug head/plug on the Blower Resistor as well, and changed out the Fan switch on the dash unit. The only thing I have not done at this point is purchased a completely new Dash Electronics.

It could be some kind of circuit problem maybe if you have other problems similar. That sounds frustrating- don't guve up
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I have a problem with my front fan not working. It seems a combination problem with the turn signal and the transmission selector. The MIL is off but I have recently read codes which suggest that it is a grounding problem cause by a stuck transmission selector switch. Code 1784 has been observed using a code scanner. U could have a similar grounding problem.