Heater Door on 1997 Ford F-250

My heater does not work in my 1997 Ford F250, the repair man said it was the heater door. Is there any topics on repairing it myself?

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There are currently no topics in the Encyclopedia on RepairPal pertaining to temperature blend door issues. I can assure you there will be...but there is not yet.

I can tell you that there is a blend door motor behind the dash that may be failed for you. This motor varies the door position between heat and cold, as selected by your temperature control.

If you in fact have the F250 light duty that your profile indicates, the dash does NOT need to be removed to replace this motor. It is located behind the vacuum motor under the right side of the dash.

If you have a F250 heavy duty (with a 5.8L V8 or 5.0L V8...), only a lever and cable operate the blend door...there is no motor.

The door, if damaged or defective, is only replaced with the entire plenum assembly.

Good luck!