Heater Core was changed but still blowing cold and hot air? on 1999 GMC Jimmy

I changed out the AC Compressor and Heater Core and when I turn on the AC it blows cold and hot air... What do change out nxt?

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lets determine the problem first before throwing more parts at it.

what was the original issue?? cold and hot air from the AC?? do you have ac guages to give me readings from the high and low side??

why did you change the heater core??

my Jimmy didn't hv heat when it was in the winter.. Then I hd Ac but not to long ago it went out.. We changed out the compressor and changed out the heater core for the winter... I don't hv Ac gauges
was there freon in thw system when you changed out the compressor?? did you change the dryer??

do you have heat now?? did you replace the thermostat??

Yes it had some when we installed the new compressor we added 3 cans but it leaked out and the air still blew hit and cold
you have a leak somewhere. take it to a shop and have them install dye and let them tell you where the leak is. dont throw anymore parts at it till you know where the leak is located