heater core replacement on 1996 Ford Crown Victoria

is it necessary to pull the dash board, steering wheel and air bags to replace heater core in 1996 ford crown vic car

by in Little Rock, AR on January 22, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on January 22, 2011
You need to be able to pull the dash back far enough for access but the whole thing doesn't need to come out. Just pull it back far enough so you don't have to disconnect any wiring harness connectors. I don't think you need to fuss with the steering wheel, column, or airbags. Just need to pull the dash back far enough to get the heater enclosure apart and replace the heater core.
ANSWER by on November 03, 2013
for future thoughts u do have to lower the column into the seat but dont have to take it all the way out of car but when you get the dash pulled down you have to almost take the whole heater box out it takes me an hour an a half to do a heater core on my 96 crown vic
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