.Heater core replacement? on 1997 Audi A4

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I have been told by three repair places that my heater core needs replacing, I can't understand why it is so horribly expensive to replace such an inexpensive part. Are there any alternative to make my defroster work? I can live without a heater, but safety requires a defroster here on the coast. I have just spent $5,000 to get the car running without smoking or leaking, so I want to spend as little more money as possible to have a working defroster. Thank you SO much.
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The reason the repair is so costly is due to the fact that your entire dash board must be removed to access the heater core. Im guessing that you have been quoted about 600-700 in labor alone. As it pays 9 hours to r&r the heater core on that vehicle.
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On that model we have seen some sucess with backflushing ( providing you have no heat, not a leak). The hoses can be removed at firewall for this service. Good luck!! Greg