Heater Core - Not Relpacing cause damage? on 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

I am not getting heat. Blower works. System was flushed twice and still only some heat coming out. All temp gauges are working. All fluid levels are fine. 99% sure I need a heater core. I don't have the money for immediate repair due to the fact I need brakes & just got a new muffler system. If I put off the heater core repair am I causing any damage to the vehicle? I only use the van for short trips (20 minutes) so the if it is just a comfort matter I want to put it off. But if I am causing damages then I will prioritize the repair.

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The heater core is a problem if it is leaking, and that doesn't appear to be the problem. Did the shop say that it is plugged up? Is the temperature gauge reaching normal operating temperature in a normal amount of time?
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If you got a lot of gunk, then the heater core is likely plugged, so you should be OK, just continue to check the coolant level and watch the temperature gauge.
Temp gauge is reaching normal in normal amount of time.

Heater Core does not SEEM to be leaking. We are carefully monitoring the inside & underside of van for any sogns of leakage. We may be leaking under a bit, but hard to tell given rainy weather conditions. the shop did not mention any leakage.
The shop said they flushed twice & got a lot of gunk. If flush didn't help they recommend replacing the core.
what about the obvious is the thermestate working or is it stuck
Another issue with the Caravan (I had an earlier model) is with the radiator cap. If it is not up to standard, coolant isn't pumped through heater core. You may want to have that checked.
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as long as your coolant is flowing thruogh the heater core it wont run hot and you can drive as much as you want to if your core was stopped up then you would have a prob but it sounds like your ok
I solved that problem on a 95 Grand Caravan one time because the hoses had been switched at the fire wall - probably when it was flushed. It worked either way but didn't put out any heat until I switched them the way they were supposed to be.
There is something called a Heater Valve; Temperature Sensing / Lockout; w/ ATC that is supposed to be near the firewall. We're still looking for ours go here to see the picture:|GRPCOOLAMS_888808989___