Heater core failure caused issues with Integrated Air Bag Module on Ford Escort

Average mileage: 175,600 (175,600–175,600)
1 model year affected: 1997
1 person reported this problem
1 person shared problem details
Heater core developed relatively minor leak & despite preventative fix per recall 02v323000 there was some electrical shorting occurring in the Integrated Air Bag Module located directly below the heating unit containing the heater core. Upon pulling out entire dash to replace heater core I observed that a flimsy plastic cover was indeed placed over the IABM per the recall. However, the job was poorly done and the cover was partially crunched up and also misaligned so connector on the IABM was not protected. Appropriate corrective action is to replace the IABM while the entire dash is out. Getting to it is a multi-hour job, so better to replace it while everything is already apart. And it shouldn't need mentioning, but be sure to properly "waterproof" the replacement IABM just in case the new heater core is defective.
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