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1992 Buick Roadmaster Question: Heater Core Coolant Leak

Coming from the firewall to the engine.......does the hose connecting heater core to engine bay, is this a vent or does this hose route back to the engine or heater control valve? I cant find what or where connects to, please help leaking coolant and car overheating b/c dont know how this hose routes? -
Answer 1
Sounds like the same problem I had on my 92 RM w/5.7. The heater hoses have a "click-lock" type connector to the heater core stubs coming through the firewall into the engine bay. On my car, the hose with a small plastic insert with an arrow indicating flow was leaking at this connection. This hose is called a "flow restrictor". (My local parts stores couldn't find it by looking for heater hoses.) My solution was to replace this entire hose assembly witha 3/4 inch heater hose. There is just enough stub on the heater core to use a worm clamp to secure the hose. It has worked for about 8 months. Car has heat in winter, and good AC in summer (100 degrees last week.) -
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Coolant is leaking up on passenger side floor board. I had heater core replaced about 2 years ago. Also, coolant is now leaking all over engine compartment.