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1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Question: heater core

oil is mixing with my antifreeze,coolant smell inside car very strong,whats wrong. -
Answer 1
Oil in the coolant is either from the head gasket leaking or the intake manifold. You netter get it looked at by a mechanic that can properly test for a blown headgasket, and rule that out first before attempting any repairs. -
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...d door, but both hoses are not warm like ive read if thats the case. Ive read maybe a plugged heater core since one is hot and one is not. Thats probably where I would start, but I hate just guessing...
Hi, I'm looking for the installation procedures to install a new heater core in a Mercury grand marquis 1993 v8
how do i get my heater core from under the dash. i have remove everything except for my steering wheel.